I Believe in #BebopBatch!

"Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch has expressed interest in a harder-edged action role after being typecast for many a year. Coincidentally, more than one Sherlock fan (several thousand, in fact: Exhibit A & Exhibit B) have noticed an uncanny similarity between this leggy English actor and legendary anime hero Spike Spiegel. 

Cumberbatch for Cowboy Bebop! Let’s get the ball rolling. If you want action man Cumberbatch to see the light of day, collectively tweet, tumble, and talk #BebopBatch. Spread the images around. Share share share! It’s time for some good old fashioned viral Internet marketing.  After only a few days we’re hundreds strong already!

Crazy? Maybe. But if the Internet can single-handedly resurrect Betty White’s career and start several political revolutions… I think we can at least vote #BebopBatch