at Rivington Place, London, UK

The Black Chronicles II is a newly curated exhibition exploring black presences (African and Asian) in 19th and early 20th century Britain, through the prism of studio photography.

Drawing on the metaphor of the chronicle the exhibition presents over 200 photographs, the majority of which have never been exhibited or published before. As a curated body of work, these photographs present new knowledge and offer different ways of seeing the black subject in Victorian Britain, and contribute to an ongoing process of redressing persistent ‘absence’ within the historical record.

A highlight of the show is a dedicated display of thirty portraits of members of The African Choir, who toured Britain between 1891-93, seen here for the first time. Perhaps the most comprehensive series of images rendering the black subject in Victorian Britain, these extraordinary portraits on glass plate negatives by the London Stereoscopic Company have been deeply buried in the Hulton Archive, unopened for over 120 years.

These are presented alongside those of other visiting performers, dignitaries, servicemen, missionaries, students and many as yet unidentified black Britons. Their presence bears direct witness to Britain’s colonial and imperial history and the expansion of Empire. (read more)

Exhibition dates:
Sep 12 - Nov 29, 2014

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Right, so I know Sailor Moon Crystal has issues (let’s attribute most of these to film-level design ambitions mixed with a television budget and strangely inept animation directors)


I think the last two episodes have hit an emotional stride, writing-wise. Jupiter’s intro was downright tear-jerking, and the latest episode straight-up time warped me back to all the feels I ever felt in middle school when I read the manga for the first time. 

True love and space princesses and magic arcade hideouts and real actual high-stakes battles and Usagi being a backflipping powerful badass and her man telling her who’s boss (she is!) and giving her an exciting grope/pep-talk and then standing back to watch because he loves him some Empowered Female Characters and he doesn’t need to help her win he just wants to help her believe in herself and ohmygodallmyfeelings.

DAAAAAAAAANG. I will forgive a lot of crooked faces, choppy action and weird incongruent closeups of people’s mouths for that thumpa-thumpa, man.

[Images: a photo of my fiancé and my parents in the backyard, a visit from said fiancé and his mother on campus, my poor puppy’s tooth infection, which required surgery (he’s much better now), and SO MUCH CALCULUS.]

Today is the first day since I started the semester that I’ve had a single moment to myself. Time to update Facebook, time to scroll Tumblr, time to watch backlogged episodes of Sailor Moon on Hulu - time to drink a glass of wine and relax.

Monday, for example, I left my house at 7:15 in the morning and didn’t come home until 10:45 at night. Yesterday I delivered a lecture on “Vermeer’s Camera" to my Honors Seminar, then stayed awake until 3:30 AM finishing calculus homework. Twice a week, I spend part of my day assembling news articles and updating social media accounts for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In short - I’ve been busier than I can ever remember being, but being busy keeps me happy.

I wound up having to postpone my Physics course until spring, despite the fact that I loved the lectures I attended. The professor, a hilarious Italian cosmologist and theoretical physicist with a penchant for drawing stick figures, went and dropped both differential and integral calculus on us during the first lecture. I decided I wanted to live to see January, and am putting off the class for another term to let my math skills catch up - and on that front I’m making great strides.

For a person who hasn’t been in a math class for ten years, who never had high school trig or pre-calc, and who nimbly sweet-talked her honors advisor into sneaking her into the Honors Calculus course without taking any prerequisites, I’d say that it’s a considerable accomplishment to score anything higher than a 0, so I’m over the moon to nail a perfect score on my first homework assignment.

PHEW. What a couple’a weeks!