[Images: a photo of my fiancé and my parents in the backyard, a visit from said fiancé and his mother on campus, my poor puppy’s tooth infection, which required surgery (he’s much better now), and SO MUCH CALCULUS.]

Today is the first day since I started the semester that I’ve had a single moment to myself. Time to update Facebook, time to scroll Tumblr, time to watch backlogged episodes of Sailor Moon on Hulu - time to drink a glass of wine and relax.

Monday, for example, I left my house at 7:15 in the morning and didn’t come home until 10:45 at night. Yesterday I delivered a lecture on “Vermeer’s Camera" to my Honors Seminar, then stayed awake until 3:30 AM finishing calculus homework. Twice a week, I spend part of my day assembling news articles and updating social media accounts for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In short - I’ve been busier than I can ever remember being, but being busy keeps me happy.

I wound up having to postpone my Physics course until spring, despite the fact that I loved the lectures I attended. The professor, a hilarious Italian cosmologist and theoretical physicist with a penchant for drawing stick figures, went and dropped both differential and integral calculus on us during the first lecture. I decided I wanted to live to see January, and am putting off the class for another term to let my math skills catch up - and on that front I’m making great strides.

For a person who hasn’t been in a math class for ten years, who never had high school trig or pre-calc, and who nimbly sweet-talked her honors advisor into sneaking her into the Honors Calculus course without taking any prerequisites, I’d say that it’s a considerable accomplishment to score anything higher than a 0, so I’m over the moon to nail a perfect score on my first homework assignment.

PHEW. What a couple’a weeks!


The Disturbing Realism of Till Rabus

Till Rabus

In addition to his penchant for realism, Swiss artist Till Rabus has a keen eye for arranging inanimate objects in provoking ways. The artist combines these two skills in his strange still lifes, where ordinary, discarded objects are found in mysterious compositions that play with symmetry and saturated colors. Rabus eradicates any signs of human presence in his paintings, as if these objects ended up in these orderly arrangements out of their own free will. Yet these are objects left behind from human consumption, inviting a dialogue about the wastefulness of consumer culture. In his latest work, the artist investigates the human figure, creating structures from writhing body parts.  Txt Ignant ( NSFW )

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As many of you may know by now, my boyfriend proposed to me on Monday. Tomorrow I am moving six hundred miles away to resume college after a long hiatus. He is remaining in his home state to teach middle school Latin. We’re not sure how long we’ll be apart, and we agreed it would be a good idea to express our commitment to our friends and family before I left. We’ve been devoted to a life with one another since the beginning, so it feels amazing to finally share our true feelings with our loved ones.

We met and began falling in love on tumblr while I was living even further away than I will be now - 2,000 miles away - if you can believe it. This website delivered the great love of my life like he was a custom order with express shipping, which is surreal and so very 21st century. I wanted to close the circle and post the photographs that a friend snapped for us during the actual proposal. I suspected he might propose, but it finally played out as a complete surprise. I was truly caught off guard and practically fell over crying. Zack wrote a lovely summary to accompany the candid shots for our friends on Facebook, so I’ll let him explain in his own words:

In roughly this spot on the campus of Wabash College, Amanda and I kissed for the first time. It was raining. She had fallen in love with me over letters, notes, and texts, and a few phone calls. I called her during Glee Club rehearsal and we sang "Homeward Bound" by Marta Keen Thompson for her while she cried in an LA sushi restaurant. When we met in person on April 18th, 2013, I kissed her before saying a word.

On August 18th, 2014, I contrived to get her back to this spot. Her dad had wanted to get rid of some dishes. These are now in the care of the college magazine office, which is where we began a short tour of campus. As we approached our first meeting place, I said to her:

"I don’t know if you realize this, but today is sixteen months to the day that we kissed in the rain. I walked down this gravel path and met your car, right about here."

The song began, quietly at first. As the music swelled toward the first chorus, Amanda burst into tears of joy. My smile stretched toward my ears as I held her up. “I have always been your dream guy,” I reassured her, “but being your dream guy has become my dream.” I had rehearsed this in my head for days. She didn’t even hear me, but she did hear “will you marry me?”

"Of course, you moron!"

I felt like I’d just robbed a bank. Like I’d gotten away with the Crown Jewels. I spotted the photographer, finally, and beamed. Can you hardly believe it?

Today we came full circle. I was led to the exact spot where - sixteen months ago to the day - I skittishly stepped out of a car after an all-night drive and let a complete stranger sweep me into his arms and kiss me in the middle of a rainy street. This uncommon man, with his sing-song gait, hand-made bow tie, floppy coiffure, and archaic wooden umbrella was like a dream, a figure walking out of the pages of an English novel. Instantly, I knew he was going to be the great love of my life. 

Shortly after our first meeting, we quietly began sharing the dream of a life together. Today Zachary knelt and made it real, show tunes and all. While we stood in the place where we first met, the song that brought us together swelled from thin air, and I couldn’t stop the tears. The ring, a humble piece we chose together because it resembled a galactic spiral, somehow got on the right finger. Overwhelmed, we cried and cried, holding on for dear life.

Knowing that I have been blessed with the love of this singular man is the greatest gift I can imagine.